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Odisha is an Eastern Indian state on the Bay of Bengal, is well known for its Cultures as well as its Numerous Ancient Hindu Temples. It is the land of many Spectacular Monuments, home of several thousands of legendary Artists and Craftsmen. Expert artists and craftsmen of Orissa still maintain their native art by continuously processing it to adapt to a changing taste. The hereditary skills of artists has transferred traditional Orissan arts and crafts like Patachitra Paintings,weaving of Ikat, Bomkai and Sambalpuri Sari. Stone carving, applique and embroidery are equally famous, silver filigree work, palm leaf incised design, metal work, lacquered craftsmanship all have acquired a unique place worldwide.Our site provide a wide range of products of utility that are of Odisha origin.Our aim is to giving you easy access to incredible art images and other products.


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